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LWVA Grants

The LWV Amherst is now accepting applications for 2023 Civic Action Grants Up to $2,500 for projects that are directly related to the League's priority programs.

Please read the information and guidelines for the League's Civic Action Grants first.

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2023 Grant Awards and Donations


Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts

Civic Action Grant


Fort River Elementary Library 

Donation for Civics and Women's Studies books

Recent Studies and Reviews

New Amherst Elementary School Review Group

LWVA's School Review Group Report

LWVA Steering Committee Letter to the Membership in support of project.

Town Charter Review

Fill out the LWVA Charter Review Task Force survey!

The Task Force has developed a survey to ascertain residents' opinions regarding Amherst’s Council/Manager form of government under the 2017 Home Rule Charter, in light of good government principles.

The survey is in anticipation of the town’s review of the Charter scheduled for 2024 when the Council will consider whether any portions of the charter should be amended or revised.

We ask that you share with your groups and networks so that we can get responses from a representative sample of the town. The deadline is Patriot’s Day, April 17.

Go to Survey Now!

Ballot Question Study (LWVMA)

LWVMA studied the process for statewide citizen-initiated ballot questions in 2018-2019. Thirty-six Massachusetts Leagues held consensus meetings in connection with this study, including LWVA. The new state position was approved at the LWVMA Convention on June 8, 2019

2022/23 Steering Committee

Darcy Dumont, At-Large
Trish Farrington, At-Large
Rebecca Fricke, At-Large
Marla Jamate, Social Media
Phyllis Lehrer, Membership
Susan Lowery, At-Large
Susan Millinger, LWVMA and LWVUS liaison
Leslie Nyman, Recorder
Deanna Pearlstein,  Event Organization
Jessica Ryan, e-Bulletin editor
David Shanabrook, Treasurer

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